Studies on Fissures (2017)

Studies on Fissures, 2017

Wall and floor intervention made from existing cracks.

Ink and pencil drawings on paper, plaster objects, rocks, brick, photographs.

Curated by: Lux Yuting Bai, Piper Ross Ferriter, Jacqueline Kok, Noelia Lecue, Amanda Lee, Jasa McKenzie, Birdie Piccininni, and Natalia Viera Salgado under the direction of Sarah Demeuse.

Artists: Brittany Cassell, Kate Gilmore, Martine Gutierrez, Ann Hamilton, Camille Lee, Anh Thuy Nguyen, Helene Nymann, Bita Razavi, Melanie Reese, Vangeline, Roberto Vega.

Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Ph: Birdie Piccininni

Ph: Natalia Viera Salgado, Hasita Kamlesh

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Vangeline, butoh performance.

Ph: Birdie Piccininni